These are English translations of my memoirs that were originally published on this site in Persian. I will keep adding sections as they become available. I wrote my memoirs to remind myself of the delightful experience I have had so far in this world, and now I am rendering them in English.

As people get older, they grow desirous of a deeper understanding about their roots and their ancestral lineage. This is not easy to accomplish, and for immigrant families, it is even more difficult due to the loss of continuity they have had with their past. The chasm gets even bigger when there is also a language barrier to cross between the 'old country' and the 'new country' too, which is the case her. 

After talking to my dear brother, Mohammad-Reza, and primarily at his prodding, I would like to gradually translate some portions of my memoirs into English, primarily for the benefit of my beloved young ones who are interested but not familiar with Persian writings. They of course include my own children, and all of my beloved nephews, nieces, cousins,  their spouses, and in not so distant a future, their third generation children too! I of course welcome the general audience too into my memoir pages if they find it interesting.

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