Email from Dayee Mohsen
September 20, 2000


Hi Ali and Mohammad-Reza

I have looked at Ali's old pictures several times and keep going back to them
for a peep to past. However the paradise is not lost. The paradise has
re-generated itself and taken root in new locations in Iowa City, in Chicago
and in Tehran. When I look at the picture of the old house it almost brings
tears to my eyes but then I think of you and calm down. Keep scanning more
memories. By the way I do not remember your cat at all and from the
prominent position of his/her picture flanking the house I realize that you
remember him/her with a great deal of affection. 

At this point I must say Khoda-Hafez and leave the house at Jaleh through
the narrow pathway flanked with tall walls with tops of some trees showing
against the blue skies. As always being reminded to make sure that I pull
the outer door at the end of the pass firmly shut and after a final nod and
smile be waved off by someone at the inner door. Then walk to Jaleh Sq. to
catch a taxi to my SARNEVESHT and eventually wake up to my reality at
Philadelphia to send this note to cyber space in the hope that it may touch
someone I love.  

Please continue to refresh my very happy memories,