Persian Pardeh  

Program to define Persian notes for electronic keyboards.
Version 2.2

  Ali Rezai, MD - March 2006


The program presented below will assist you in exploring and experimenting with the note sets proposed by Jahangir Abadi for some major dastgah's of Persian music. You will also find the program useful for testing and developing your own sets of notes that you might find more appropriate. We hope we will hear from you in the near future and incorporate your valuable contribution as well to this ongoing project.

Thanking you in advance for your interest,

این نرم افزار  به شما امکان میدهد که با تغییر نت های گام استاندارد غربی  نت های متناسب با کوک ایرانی برای  استفاده  در دستگاه ها و گوشه های ردیف موسیقی ایرانی ایجاد نمایید چندین گام آماده برای دستگاه های مشهور ایرانی در برنامه گنجانده شده است  که  شما میتوانید هر یک از آنها را تغییر دهید  و یا گام کاملا نوینی به دلخواه خویش  بسازید

از توجه و علاقمندی شما بدین برنامه سپاسگزاریم

About This Program

Classical music of Iran is modal in nature. Persian Dastgahs are comprised of modes (mayeh) that define specific melodies and a unique set of notes for each Dastgah. Persian music thus cannot be readily performed on western instruments. The advent of electronic keyboards and synthesizers, however, has made it possible to achieve this end almost instantly. Presently one can tune a keyboard for Persian music, simply by applying a set of predefined offsets to its native notes. The process is easy, but as yet has not been standardized. This program is a step towards that end. It aims to facilitate and standardize the use of Persian notes on keyboards by introducing a set of rigorously defined pitch relationships operative within each Dastgah.

A set of  notes constructed by Dr. Abadi for major dastgahs of Persian music is included with the program. In addition, there is provision for users to construct their own new scales and archive them in an easy manner.

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